Deborah is an amazing Pilates instructor. Full stop.
I've worked out with her for several years. She knows exactly what your body needs to stay healthy and strong. I was working out with her before, during, and after my last pregnancy, which was pivotal in both my pregnancy health AND recovery.
I've worked with other Pilates instructors who used the same series of exercises over and over, which can get tedious very quickly. But I never got bored with Deborah. She consistently maintains her education to improve and inform her practice. Her background in body work, massage, and holistic health means she is intuitive and flexible to your body's changing needs from week to week. That means she's seen me through tweaked necks, flat feet, hips out of alignment, etc. She's been invaluable to my physical health for years, even through the pandemic.
She has a calming, patient demeanor that she uses to guide you toward your goals without pushing you past your limits which I've always considered crucial to maintaining my dedication to the practice. I think it is also quite telling that so many of Deborah's friends have started as her clients. Just saying.
Plus, she's cool as all get out.  ~Sarah H.


Dee is a highly qualified, Intelligent, pilates instructor. She helps you to see real results. She helped me to grow stronger and be more trim. She makes working out fun!!! ~Helen E.


Deborah has been a real blessing in my life. Her expert knowledge about the body and her skills as a therapist have helped me feel better living with injuries. She has a knowing of how the structure of the body is all connected and has helped align me in ways that have helped me move more comfortably. I'm glad I discovered her! ~Chris T


Deborah is fantastic!!!! I visited her for prenatal massage throughout both of my pregnancies. She is amazing! I always left feeling so relaxed. The massage helped heal my aches and left me feeling more prepared for labor and delivery. ~Erin K


Deborah does incredible massage. And she also is a terrific Pilates instructor. I notice other reviews focus on massage, so I'll say a few things about Pilates. I've been seeing her for several years.
Deborah helps me meet my goals and then challenges me to push to the next level
She varies the exercises we do each session. That keeps things more interesting and it also helps work more areas of my body.
She finds exercises that help me address areas where I have some challenges - a torn rotator cuff, for example. The exercises we do have helped me strengthen the muscles in that area so that I can function pretty well again.
She's really knowledgeable. If we're trying to work a particular area and I can't do one exercise very well. She knows others that will help accomplish the same goal.
She helps me understand the why behind a particular exercise we might be doing.
Also, she's really nice. ~David B


Deborah is outstanding!
I am continually amazed with her knowledge, concern and expertise. 
She is always encouraging and never pushy in her Pilates training and her massages always leave me feeling better physically and emotionally.~Lucia P.


Deborah has a gift of gentleness joined with an intuitive ability to find all the tension spots with a massage. She is inspiring with pilates and the most caring person I have ever met. She helped with achilles tendonitis and pelvic asymmetry and I absolutely adore her. ~ Lynn McClatchey


A devoted client for many years, I enthusiastically endorse Deborah as a superb Pilates instructor. The exercises are tailored to your level of experience, taking into account any musculoskeletal issues that require attention. At all times fun and challenging, I always looked forward to my next session. Through regular, deep tissue massage I found a gratifiying satisfaction in comfort and movement of my skeleton and soft tissues. With the addition of machine and mat Pilates I have discovered a complimentary realization of body position, flexibilty, tone and strength. - Marvin Weiss


Deborah's love radiates from her entire soul when you're around her.  She has brought lots of new lives into the world through her Doula Services. And there's truly no better place to be than wrapped in her warmth.  Yay for all that she's accomplished as a woman warrior with her business! -Judy Tsuei, Hawk and Lily


I am pleased to provide a review for Deborah Strauhal.  I have been taking weekly pilates sessions with Deborah for over a year now and I am very happy with the results.  I see a positive change in my body; I have more muscle definition and I feel much stronger.  I have also experienced Deborah's massage and I can honestly say she is a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.  She intuitively knows what your body needs and she is an extremely sensitive and skilled practitioner.  On top of all that, she is truly a beautiful spirit; she is easygoing and kind and embodies graciousness. -Dee O.