Welcome to KHEYA!
"Kheya" ~ Aramaic ~ to have New Life in Body, Soul & Spirit
My name is Deborah Zilliox and I love helping people!  My passion and expertise include the Pilates exercise repertoire, the CoreAlign apparatus and Medical Massage Therapy.
  • Connects your mind and body through improved and focused breathing.
  • Uses functional movement with an emphasis on core stabilization.
  • Helps you gain whole body strength, become more flexible, feel more grounded and taller.
  • Benefits someone rehabbing from injury.
  • Can be modified to fit the needs of anyone, regardless of age, gender, level of function or fitness.
  • An apparatus used to improve whole body function in an upright position.  
  • It works to create synergy in your upper and lower parts of the body.
  • Helps you gain and maintain upright balance, improve your gait in walking and running.
  • Can correct dysfunctional movement habits that may be causing pain or weakness.


With a Medical Massage Therapy background, my customized workouts can be enhanced with hands on
  • muscle and fascia release
  • strain-counterstrain techniques
  • joint mobilization and muscle energy techniques 

This allows for proper postural alignment and movement that is more at ease, economic and efficient.

Thanks for visiting and hope to connect with you!